Saturday, April 24, 2010

Places: Klosterneuburg, Austria

Another one of the places featured in So Faithful a Heart is the estate of  Baroness Elisabeth Waldst├Ątten , which was located just outside the village of Klosterneuburg, about five miles north of Vienna. Located in the hilly wine country, Klosterneuburg is home to a large Augustinian Monastery that was established in 1108.

Klosterneuburg was founded by Margrave Leopold III and developed in conjunction with its famous monastery. Leopold III and later Leopold VI (the latter only during part of his reign) had their residences there. From 1938 to 1954, it constituted the 26th district of Vienna. Today, it is a site of industry and a suburb of Vienna. The well-known Essl Museum of contemporary art is also on display in the town.

On a hill rising directly from the banks of the Danube stand the buildings (erected in 1730–1834) of the Augustine canonry, founded in 1114 by the Margrave (Saint) Leopold III of Babenberg, the patron saint of Austria. This order is one of the oldest and richest of its kind in Austria; it owns much of the land upon which the north-western suburbs of Vienna stand. Among the points of interest within it are the old chapel of 1318, with Leopold's tomb and the Verdun Altar, dating from the 12th century, the treasury and relic-chamber, the library with 30,000 volumes and numerous manuscripts, the picture gallery, the collection of coins, the theological hall, and the winecellar, containing an immense tun like that at Heidelberg. There are some excellent vintners in Klosterneuburg, but today the city is tightly linked to Vienna and houses some of the most affluent citizens of Lower Austria.

Information source: Wikipedia

I found a video on YouTube made by a couple traveling in Austria. It features some lovely images of the village and Monastery.

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